Short Term Housing Assistance

Short Term Housing Assistance

Are you living with HIV/AIDS and at Risk of losing your housing?

The HOPWA funded Short-Term Rent/Mortgage and Utility (STRMU) Assistance Program for persons living with HIV+ provides up to 21 weeks of short-term rental/mortgage and/or utility assistance to help currently housed HIV+ low income persons stay housed. The maximum amount of assistance received varies per client depending on tenant need and funds available.

Participant Eligibility

STRMU is designed to be a short-term, needs-based intervention to prevent homelessness for persons who are HIV+. As such, individuals must meet the following additional criteria in order to receive STRMU assistance:

  • Documented HIV/AIDS status (confidentiality will be maintained)
  • Client must be currently housed – homeless individuals are not eligible for STRMU assistance. Assistance is provided to help households maintain their current place of residence.
  • Client must live in Alameda County.
  • Client must be currently named as a tenant under the written lease (if renting), or own the home (named on the Deed of Trust for the address seeking subsidy).
  • Client must be a US Citizen or have lawful immigrant status.
  • Low-income (below 80% area median income (AMI))Note: STRMU program cannot assist persons in foreclosure proceedings. STRMU assistance for homeowners MUST be requested BEFORE a notice of foreclosure has been filed on address seeking subsidy.

    Eligible Costs

    In order to be eligible for assistance, clients must be able to prove HIV+ status and have an eligible qualifying “emergency need”. The following costs are allowable:

  • Rent: back rent and late fees
  • Mortgage: mortgage in arrears, late fees, taxes, insurance and other fess if escrowed
  • Basic utilities (Water, Sewer, Garbage, Gas and Electricity)

    How to Apply

    Application materials are available online at:

    For questions, or to request paper applications please email or call Ms. Walker at 510-670-5971

Short Term Housing Assistance flyer available for download here.