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Oakland TGA Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan 2017-2021

Standards of Care

       Administrative Standards

Standards are a recorded statement of expected performance. The Administrative Standards are standards that apply to all Oakland TGA CARE funded services and can be used as a resource for other HIV related services. Standards are to be used as a goal for provider service and as a guide for clients. These cover license and expertise, staff training, supervision, policies and procedures, coordination and referral, physical plant standards, quality assurance and reporting, records and administration, financial procedures, and consumer involvement. Adherence to these standards by all individuals providing HIV services ensures quality services that are consistent and can be evaluated for effectiveness.
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      Case Management Standards

HRSA offers a range of client-centered services that links clients with health care, as well as, psycho-social and other services. Timely and coordinated access to medically appropriate levels of health and support services and continuity of care are provided through ongoing assessment of the client’s and key family members’ needs and personal support systems.

Key activities include: (1) initial assessment of service needs, (2) development of a comprehensive, individualized service plan, (3) coordination of services required to implement the plan, (4) client monitoring to assess the efficacy of the plan, and (5) periodic re-evaluation and adaptation of the plan as necessary over the life of the client.
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       Mental Health Standards

Mental Health Services are defined as psychological and psychiatric treatment and counseling services to individuals with a diagnosed mental illness, conducted in a group or individual setting, and provided by a mental health professional who is licensed or authorized within the State to render such services. This typically includes psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers.

Key activities include: Screening and Intake, Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment, Development and Implementation of a Treatment Plan, Treatment Services and Coordination of Care, Case Closure/Discharge.
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       Substance Abuse Standards

Substance abuse services may involve a variety of cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and practical skills to deal with addictions and ongoing recovery, as well as clinical treatments and interventions that address the physical causes and symptoms of addiction. Coordination and Referral: identifying most appropriate substance abuse services for an individual.

Key activities include : Screening, Intake, Comprehensive Substance Abuse Assessment, Development and Implementation of a Treatment Plan, Treatment Coordination and Care, Reassessment, Discharge/Case Closure.
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Fact Sheets

Persons with HIV infection are disproportionately affected by viral hepatitis; about one-third of HIV-infected persons are co-infected with hepatitis B or hepatitis C, which can cause long-term (chronic) illness and death. Viral hepatitis progresses faster among persons with HIV infection, and persons who are infected with both viruses experience greater liver-related health problems than those who do not have HIV infection.

This fact sheet provides an overview of HIV among African Americans and has been updated with information from the 2009 surveillance report as well as the 2011 incidence report.

This fact sheet provides an overview of HIV among Latinos and has been updated with information from the 2009 surveillance report as well as the 2011 incidence report.

This fact sheet provides an overview of HIV in the United States and has been updated with information from the 2009 surveillance report as well as the 2011.

Downloads: Forms, Applications, Manuals

The Oakland TGA HIV/AIDS Collaborative Community Planning Council (CCPC) was established by the Chief Elected Official of the Alameda County Public Health Department (“CEO”) in February 2005. It operates in accordance with Section 2602 of the Ryan White CARE Act Amendments of 1996 (the CARE Act) and the State Office of AIDS Community Planning Guidance of 1996. Read more in download.

Accepting applications for homeless individuals living with HIV/AIDS and families with a head of household living with HIV/AIDS

  • Oakland TGA Part A HRSA Application for PY 2009-2010: [individual PDF downloads below]

Meetings & Presentations

Client Services

Complete Directory 09/09
Acknowledgements & Purpose
Table of Contents
Service Category Indexes
About This Directory; How To Use It
Overview of the Oakland TGA
HIV-AIDS Community Collaborative Planning Council
HIV Testing and Partner Counseling
Harm Reduction and Alternative Care Services

Bay Area Counties and On-line Resources
Entitlement Programs
Agency Listings A-B
Agency Listings C-N
Agency Listings O-Z
Recent Addendum
Feedback and Suggestion Sheet

Grievance Policy & Procedures

The purpose of the Collaborative Community Planning Council’s Conflict of Interest Policy is to prevent an actual conflict or perceived conflict in the direct selection and/or administration of the Oakland TGA Ryan White Title I or II CARE funding. This policy is intended to prevent a Council member or Council members from financially benefiting as a result of a conflict or undue influence. Read more in download.

Quality Assurance

Client Satisfaction Report 2016-17, by Pamela Casey Lewis, MS, RD

Quality Management Report for CCPC 2015-16, by Pamela Casey, MS, RD

Quality Management Report for CCPC 2014-14, by Pamela Casey-Lewis, MS, RD, June 24, 2015 [PPT]

Quality Management Chart Review 2013-2014, by Pamela Casey, MS, RD, June 24, 2014 [PPT]

Oakland TGA Quality Management Plan 2014-2015

Oakland TGA Quality Management Plan 2010-2011

HAB HIV Clinical Performance Measures: Adult/Adolescent Clients [Group 1] [Group 2] [Group 3]

HAB HIV clinical performance measures medical case management

HAB HIV clinical performance measures oral health

HAB HIV Performance Measures: Pediatrics

HAB HIV Performance Measures: Systems-Level

Consumer Input Survey 2010 for primary care, case management, substance use and mental health

PDSA Worksheet for Testing Change

Oakland TGA Client Level Indicators for Core and Support Services

Needs Assessments

The AHNA Report consists of two PDFs:

  1. The first file, Al_Co_2014_AHNA_Report.PDF, contains 204 pages of introductory material and the report narrative.

  2. The second file, Al_Co_2014_AHNA_Appendices.PDF, contains 128 pages of appendices.

  • This AHNA PowerPoint Presentation was delivered by Richard Speiglman and Tom Mosmiller to the Oakland Transitional Grant Area Collaborative Community Planning Council (CCPC) on June 24, 2014, in San Leandro, CA.

The posted AHNA PowerPoint Presentation consists of one file:

  1. Al_Co_2014_AHNA_CCPC_Presentation.PDF