Become a Member of the Collaborative Community Planning Council (CCPC)

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New Membership Applications are accepted monthly. Once we receive your application, a letter of receipt will be mailed to you within 30 days from the Membership and Community Involvement Committee. An individual will contact you to schedule an interview 30-90 days after your letter of receipt has been mailed.

Individuals appointed to the Planning Council may expect to devote a minimum of six (6) hours of their time monthly to Planning Council activities. All new applicant(s) must:

  • Complete an interview with the Membership Committee.
  • Attend the following meetings:
  1. Four hour monthly Planning Council meeting, and Adhoc meetings as convened.
  2. Select a Standing Committee to serve and participate monthly.
  3. Working retreats and allocation of funds and priority setting process meetings.
  4. Attend a one-day training session conducted by the Membership Committee in order to have their application advanced by the Membership Committee to the Grantee.
  5. Attend two Planning Council meetings.
  • Be interviewed by the CEO or designee for final approval.

An applicant must have completed all of the above steps before his or her application is advanced to the Grantee. Approved applicants are seated twice a year in the months of May and October. The Grantee will make the final decision on appointments to the Planning Council. Thank you for your interest in the Oakland Transitional Grant Area (TGA) Collaborative Community Planning Council.

Please read this information carefully.

1. Please be aware of the following:

a) Conflict of Interest: All members must abide by the Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure of the Oakland TGA Collaborative Community Planning Council. All conflicts of interest will be disclosed in a matrix and made available to all Planning Council members at each meeting. A Conflict of Interest is defined as an interest by a Planning Council member, which may result in personal, organizational, or professional gain.

b) HIV Disclosure: Each member is asked to disclose his or her HIV status. The response to this information is anonymously reported to HRSA and is collected to ensure that HRSA mandated positions are filled.

c) Time Commitment: The Oakland TGA Collaborative Community Planning Council is a working Council. Each member is expected to attend a four hour monthly Planning Council meeting as well as a two hour monthly Standing Committee meeting. Council members are also expected to attend all working retreats and additional meetings during the allocation of funds and priority setting process. Additionally, a minimum of six hours a month is spent preparing for meetings and ad hoc work groups. The total time commitment is a minimum of six hours per month for Council members. Failure to adhere to attendance requirement will lead to dismissal from the Council.

2. Please submit a current resume or bio with this application.

The Collaborative Community Planning Council will provide comprehensive planning, prioritization, and education regarding HIV/AIDS Services in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties that is inclusive, equitable, compassionate, and respectful of human rights.

The purpose of that care is to reduce suffering related to the disease, and to enhance the quality of life for persons affected by HIV/AIDS. We are dedicated to representing the demographics of the affected community in the Oakland Transitional Grant Area (TGA).