We boldly dare to stop all new HIV infections while improving the quality of life for those living with HIV disease. The Oakland Transitional Grant Area (TGA) Collaborative Communty Planning Council will provide services that are linguistically and culturally appropriate, that outreach to:

  • the underserved;
  • educate all communities; and
  • reduce HIV stigma.

ribbon  Our Values

The Collaborative Community Planning Council acts as a catalyst to provide a continuum of high quailty services for all people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS by empowering our communities, providing responsible stewardship and planning, and advocating on our communities behalf.

ribbon  Our Vision

We will employ a comprehensive and inclusive process, which is both data and community-input driven. Our goal is to develop an integrated model to prevent the spread of HIV while providing accessible and high quality care, for infected and affected members of the community.

The MISSION of the Collaborative Community Planning Council

The mission of the CCPC is to create an integrated, effective system for all people affected by HIV/AIDS, based on their specific, personal needs.

The PURPOSE of the Collaborative Community Planning Council

The purpose of that care is to reduce suffering related to the disease, and to enhance the quality of life for persons affected by HIV/AIDS. We are dedicated to representing the demographics of the affected community in the Oakland Transitional Grant Area (TGA).


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